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Re-scripting Your Future Life

“I’m interested in memory because it’s a filter through which we see our lives, and because it’s foggy and obscure, the opportunities for self-deception are there. In the end, as a writer, I’m more interested in what people tell themselves happened rather than what actually happened.”

~Kazuo Ishiguro, 20th-Century British novelist


We all have a story. Some of us even have several. Some keep their story to themself. Others relish the retelling of it at any chance. But the truth is that even having a story at all is enough. It is enough to change the direction of our life on a day to day basis. The story makes our connections for us, choses or friends and lovers, leads us to certain jobs and journeys.

There once was a girl who did everything differently. She never lived up to anyone’s expectations and she was always treated as an outcast, a weirdo. Her overly sensitive ways made her an annoyance, or a laughing stock, to nearly everyone that she met and she could do nothing satisfactorily, because she was one of those unfocused, creative types who drop things once they start them and will never achieve any type of success in life.

So, there it is…the story of my life as told by the nagging little pessimist inside my head. It has been my script for decades, a part that I dutifully played and played well. Every relationship in my life, friend or foe, lover or coworker has either begun or ended somewhere along this plot line, which means that the story as told must be true, right? Well, not necessarily.

The mind is a tricky device, kind of like the hall of mirrors at a carnival. Each distorts your vision in a different way and yet each appears so very, very real. The only eyes that we have in this world, and the only mind we have for perceiving, is our own. We can never see or think as another person does, so we can scarcely guess at how they may or may not see us, or the myriad thoughts that may be running through their head at a given moment. This means that each of us is, necessarily, me-centric. It is impossible to be anything else. All that goes on around us must be about us, or caused by us or happening to us. No, need to ask, “is it me?” because of course it is! At least, it is to you.

The Universe, our source, our creator, is a funny thing. It thinks in pictures, creates in energy. It also seeks always to increase, thus is gives you whatever it believes you are asking for. In creation, in the universe, all things are possible. So, in order to deliver you your most desired reality, the source of creation constantly sends to you situations and scenarios that prove to you that your version of reality is right, is correct and true. This is why your story gets reinforced in your life and your reality. But, this also means that you can choose to have your story and your life unfold differently.

Don’t believe that you are at the mercy of your version of reality? Mayhaps you cannot see any evidence of it in your own life. But, I am certain you can see it more readily in the lives of others. (Somehow patterns are much more stark when they are not your own.) Think of that friend who always attracts that kind of guy. Or the cousin who constantly sees themself being victimized by circumstances. Or the neighbour who continually loses their employment in the same exact way every time. It can even be as small as constantly overeating the same food.

Now can you see it?

Think of the last time you sounded like a broken record. Were you having the same argument again with a spouse? Even repeating the same words? Or maybe running around the same circle with your child or your sibling? Have you ever noticed how these things read almost like a script that you are reciting? Surely enough, you are. These situations arise because we keep telling ourselves the same story, both about the other person and about ourself.

Realising that we embody our stories is nothing to be embarrassed or even angry about, it is simply a recognition of truth and a chance to change the hold our story has over us. Releasing old patterns and hurts and blockades to happiness can honestly be as easy as telling a new story, if we wish it to be.

This is why I am recommending that we all engage in a collective re-scripting, both for our personal and planetary stories. Sit down, think about what the story is that holds you, holds us, back. No need to write out that old tale, but do take a moment to acknowledge what it might be. If it helps, you can jot down a sentence or two on a clean sheet of paper. Such as, “nobody likes me the way that I am” or “I am an angry person.” Then, tear it up and chuck it in the trash bin.

Take out a fresh, clean sheet of paper and write a new story. Make it as detailed and long and memorable as possible. It can be your life story or the story of your career or romantic life or your health, etc. Write the story that you wish to be yours. Fill it with all the things that would set a better foundation under the life you are now building and carry you in the positive direction that you want to be your own.

It does not matter whether you believe yourself to be a “good” writer or not, only you will ever read this story. Just write it the best of your abilities, don’t rush this activity. Give other people the parts in the story that you would like them to have. Give yourself the attitude and reactions that you would like yourself to have.

Read the story out loud to yourself and to the Universe. Read it at the beginning of every day. Tweak it as necessary, but read it and feel it every day. Embrace it is your divine truth and see what people and opportunities it begins to draw into your life. Engage with those new arrivals from the place of your new story, not the old one. All the world’s a stage and you choose which part to play.

Here is a re-script of the story with which I opened this article:

There once was a girl who marched to the beat of her own drum. She lived in a way that pleased her and allowed her to explore the truth of her own talents. Her unique sensitivities came across as warm and inspiring to everyone who crossed her path. People came into her life for positive reasons and shared their genuine selves and creativity with her openly. Her friendships became the steady, guiding light of her life. She was successful at all that she truly loved and was able to gently release things which might other wise have distracted her. Life was her oyster and she lived it unencumbered by fear or embarrassment.

Whenever you tire of scenarios, circumstances and emotions that are no longer serving your highest intentions, you can try this exercise and see where it takes you.

Though some stories will be more difficult to reshape than others, such as self-stories that involve abuse or addiction, it is my firm belief that rewriting it again and again in your more positive light will eventually shift it to the new place that you desire. Let your heart lead the way, not your head, and the energy will follow.