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Soul Groups: Reincarnating Together

“True memories are not of mind and body, but those that remain forever written on the soul.”
~ Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, British Romantic Poetess

Ecstatic Soul Group

What is a “Soul Group” and why do they reincarnate together? This was the very provocative and insightful question recently asked of me in a forum that I visit.

I have been wanting to mention this concept here for some time and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

A soul group is made up of more than one, and often several, individual souls who seem to regularly incarnate at the same time. As an individual soul is set out purposefully as a self-expression of the ALL. So these soul groups are still individual expressions brought into being by the ALL.

But as the ALL is always trying merely to learn of the endless possibilities within itself, it has occasionally experimented with coupling. By this I mean that it has set off several individuals with similar traits and given them each the same ultimate goal or soul purpose.

These souls, having begun together at the same time and … Continue reading →