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Exploring Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings

“The wide world is all about you; you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien, British Author & Linguist, The Fellowship of the Ring


We have recently published our newest ebook, Medium Adventures: Exploring the Lord of the Rings.

Exploring the Lord of the Rings is the second book in the Medium Adventures series. In this installment, we connect with spirit guides and Universal Record in order to investigate the concepts and truths behind the magnificent and epic story woven by J.R.R. Tolkien.

We find the answers to questions such as:

– Did Tolkien have a channeling experience when he wrote these and other novels?
– What percentage of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series is based on actual truth?
– Did any of his humanoid creatures, such as dwarves, elves and hobbits ever actually exist in a previous age of the planet Earth?
– Why do modern-day humans feel so drawn to, and inspired by, these fantastical stories?
– What can we as humans do to live closer to the ideals and magic expressed in Tolkien’s works?

With a bit of fun and a touch of mysticism, including intriguing revelations about the creative process and human motivations as well as surprising information about Earth’s multiple dimensions, our future evolution and the other beings who share our world, this channeled session is enlightening in more than one way and is a must-read for Tolkien fans and spiritual seekers alike.

Here is a very brief snippet:

    Some lovers of Tolkien’s works believe that he actually channeled a true history of former times and civilizations on this planet. Did Tolkien have a channeling experience when he wrote these and other novels?

    Of course. He would not have described it as such, nor would he have agreed to any suggestion that it was, but all great works of art, no matter their medium, are channeled from the true energies of the Earth, the Universe, the soul realms. They come from the Akashic Record. Some of them closer to truth than others. But the physical body, the painter, the writer — it is only a conduit for the great, vast fabric of knowledge that exists: past, present and future. The Akashic Records are not just the past, or a record of the present, they are the entire fabric of reality, every possibility for every time period and every soul, in every dimension, every planet.

    He was a wise man, spiritual, but not overwhelmingly so. A private person, but born with an openness, particularly to the environment, to the vibration of the country in which he was raised. He had what might be described as an ease of inspiration. He could find inspiration in any moment, in the smallest thing. And he had a mind like a catalogue. He could remember every moment of inspiration and every idea that it gave flight to, and call upon them at a moment’s notice to push his creations forward, to give them depth, meaning, life and, yes, truth.

    Never in his wildest dreams would he have even considered the notion that anything he had written was true. He was a lover of words, of stories, songs and histories. The myths that he wove together were just that to him, myths. Like any good lover of myth, he believed that there was a thread of truth, but that that truth was too distilled and obscured, it would never be able to be understood by the waking human mind. And he never fooled himself into thinking that he could find the truth and separate it from the myth, and therefore chose to love them for the pictures that they painted in his mind, for the songs that they had been turned into over time.

    He believed himself to have written a myth for the modern age. It was his love letter to language and history, to songs and culture, but no more real to him than Jack and The Beanstalk or Peter Pan.

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