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Questions About Channeling & Mediumship

“Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen, both when we wake, and when we sleep.”

~John Milton, Paradise Lost

What is channeling?

Channeling is the act of entering an open spiritual state (ie. alpha) and allowing an incarnate energy to use your psyche and your mouth to express valuable messages to living beings. Very often these are not deceased spirits per se, but more global and universal energies such as light beings, angels, deities, personal guides, ascended masters, higher selves and elementals.

How is channeling different from being a medium?

A medium is not generally able to allow spirits to speak using his or her own mouth, but instead can hear or “see” deceased spirits and interpret their situation for others. Mediums deal almost exclusively with deceased humans, whether recently deceased or long dead. This is why I make a distinction between my work as an Historical Medium and my work as a Spirit Channel.

How did you learn to channel?

Haha. I wish it had been a process of self-application with the intention of reaching channeling as my goal. It was not like that however. I have always been a sensitive, telling stories as a child that I later realized to have been truths, things that I only knew based on my spiritual awareness. But channeling as a direct act is something that revealed itself after years of studying meditation, paganism, nature and magic. In many ways I am still “learning” to channel, in that I am yet to grasp all of the myriad ways that this gift can be utilized to bring about positive change in my life and the lives of others.

Do spirits ever show you frightening things?

Well yes, but at the same time, not really. People are often afraid to ask for channeled advice or to hear about spirits of any kind because the fear being told or shown something horrific. “Do they show you their gunshot wounds?” “Do they tell you that you or someone you love is going to die?” In most instances they do not. Spiritual guidance is just that, guidance, it is meant to point you in the right direction, to communicate to you something of value. If you are scared out of your wits, are you going to be receptive to any guidance? If you become so fearful that you forget to live your life, are you receiving value? Their guidance and appearances tend to be gentle, subtle and yet specific to your circumstances. Sometimes they show me unpleasant things, designed to get their point across, but I have never yet been frightened or tortured by anything that they have shared with me.

How come you can channel light beings and ascended masters?

The answer is simply, I do not know. I do not choose them, they choose me. It is most likely due to two things, my belief that they even exist and my higher vibration, which comes from a clean diet and a spiritual outlook that is as much a part of me as my name or my face. I am aware that there are several other mediums out there who can channel beings from the higher realms, including ascended masters, and some of them have made great contributions to human consciousness with their works. Perhaps, in the future, I will bring more ascended messages through for the world. Right now I am content to offer you words from the ancients and from the few light beings who I regularly speak with.

How do you know that what they say through you is true?

Good question. How do you know that anything a teacher, politician, priest or reporter, or even your spouse, says to you is true? The answer is that you don’t. You see truth wherever you have faith. And I have faith in my connection to spirit. One can usually tell a falsehood by a nagging feeling in their gut that something is just not right. Well, in developing sensitivity, you will find that there is a matching feeling, also in the gut/heart area, that is the sign of a deeply honest truth. I feel this more often than not and am always able to tell if something that comes through me is untrue or misguided. In those cases, rare as they are, I keep the information to myself. I only share something on this blog or with my clients when the feeling of truth from it is overwhelming.

Do spirits always speak English?

This is a very funny question. Some of you may have noticed that I, in my Medium Adventures series, I have communicated with spirits from other cultures such as a Geisha Girl, an Anglo-Saxon Warrior, a Mayan Priest and a Roman Slave. And I always speak to them in English. I have also channeled ancestors for people whose primary language is Chinese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Czech, Greek and French, yet they too always speak in English. This does not mean that the being’s primary language is English, only that, in order for them to communicate, their words must be filtered through my own physical consciousness. Many of them do come through to me speaking in their own languages at first, mumbling coherent and non-coherent words through my lips. But, once reminded that neither I nor anyone else who is present speak that language, their messages inevitably switch to English. I have yet to figure out if it is my higher self that translates for them or some facet of the collective unconscious. Generally they still keep their accents, which is odd, to listen to a recording and hear my own voice with a Spanish or Latin or Chinese accent. ;)

Can you channel living people?

I wouldn’t have thought so but, oddly enough, the answer is actually Yes. I have, on occasion, been able to channel for others a part of themselves that has been repressed, or that cannot find a way to express itself outright to the person in question. This has proved most common in areas where the person has an emotional blockage or painful experiences that have left them scarred in unseen ways. Hearing their own internal feelings expressed vocally is a way of enabling them to release these issues and move forward unencumbered in their lives.

Can channeling tell you the future?

Yes and no. Most of the entities and energies that come through in channeling sessions are of a higher vibration than us, in other words they either do not live on the planet Earth, or they live in a different dimension on the planet Earth. For this reason they do indeed have access to future possibilities, they do not however see the same reality that we see. So what is true for the future of the fifth dimension may not be quite the same truth for the future of the third. I do have a personal belief, based on my own experiences, that one can channel your own future generations and the children which you have yet to have, just as one can channel one’s past lives to gain valuable information.

Do people think that you are crazy?

Perhaps some of my family do, though not all of them, and I know that in some third world countries I could be locked up for my all-encompassing spiritual beliefs. But the amount of people who write to me and tell me that my words or my channelings have helped them to overcome painful feelings, to let go of unhealthy relationships, to gain a more spiritual view on life and to find not just a more peaceful mind but a more joyful heart, makes up for it all. The relatively limited number of people who are judgmental and unloving enough to shun me without truly understanding what it is that I do for a living, are nothing compared to the number of equally talented and enlightened people whom I have had the privilege to meet and befriend since I fully embraced my spirit and my gifts. Thank you all so much!

Is channeling and talking to spirits a sin?

I do not personally believe in the concept of sin, as all Gods are one God and all of creation is but independent pieces of the great eternal Source, there is no good or bad, only shades of energy. Light and Dark are one and the same and each would have no meaning or existence without the other. All that I do know is that every great religion, religion being an entirely different thing than spirituality, has been based upon the foundations of meditation, communion and prayer. Taosim, Hinduism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Paganism all have at their great texts and philosophies, but at the basis of each is a mystical message, brought through to humanity by a great prophet or wise person which has spent their life in piety and meditation, often times these messages come through communication with a spirit of some kind. So, you should not be afraid of being a channel or a medium. I speak to spirits in order to help them move into their own peace. In channeling, I believe in bringing through messages of a positive intent that can benefit people in finding their inner peace and joy. Therefore, I know that I am a good person, and that’s good enough for me. :)

Do the spirits give you guidance that helps you?

Yes, when I speak to spirits they inevitably allow me to see something about their lives that inspires me in some way, reminding me of the magical nature of incarnation. Guides and light beings have helped me numerous time both with my own spiritual development and also with health problems that I have faced over the years. Their advice is both spiritual and practical, depending on the circumstances, and having the faith to follow it when it feels right has saved me much unnecessary suffering along the way. Still, I feel that a combination of my own spiritual beliefs and my own reasoning is generally the best guide. We must not fall into the trap of thinking that valuable answers to life’s questions can only come from outside of us, inside we are of the same divine consciousness, whether we are incarnate or not.

How can your past life be your present guide?

I know that I have shared with all of you that one of my guides, in fact my main guide Maggie, is actually a past incarnation of myself. And, without a solid grounding in quantum mechanics and hermetic teachings, it may be quite difficult for the everyday, modern human being to grasp how past lives are possible, let alone how you can communicate with your past self. But, I assure you that it is quite normal to have your past self as a guide, though this differs from your Higher Self. For more information on the past and the spiritual nature of time, read the Psychic Elephant.

What do I do if I want to become a channel?

The first step is to ask yourself if you have ever experienced moments of strong intuition or psychic tendencies in the past. If so, you are already open to this path, if not you can still become open to it. It is all about seeing the unseen and being willing to believe in the unproven. It takes a lot of faith for people to believe in an external God, but even more faith to believe that God is within you. Opening yourself to the unseen and the God/Goddess within is a process which requires diligence, innocence and patience. The innocence that is required is that of a child, children do not yet know the difference between dreams and reality, between imagination and reasoning and thus are openly embracing to whatever thoughts and visions come to them. To develop diligence and awareness, begin by adopting a daily meditation practice, even if you think that you cannot actually reach a state of meditation. Read Meditation Basics as a starting point. The other valuable thing that you can do, for honing your skill of patience, is to spend time out in nature, alone is best or with someone who is equally as spiritual as you and who can keep quiet as you explore. Walk in the woods, sit in afield, climb a mountain or just sit on a swing in the park, but be with nature, be consciously aware and make a game of seeing how long you can stay that way. The gifts will come to you when your third-eye and your vibration reach a higher state of awareness. (It took 10 years of regular spiritual practice for me to actually find the key to this gift within me, even though psychic tendencies have been with me since birth.)

Blessings, and thanks for the questions!